In order to login to your account, press the Log in button at the top of every page, or go to the log in page.

If you registered your account using Facebook, Twitter or Apple, press the same button again to log in.

Or, enter your email address and password in the relevant fields.

  • Remember to use the same method of logging in each time (Facebook, Twitter, Apple or email).
  • You must use exactly the same email as you used when registering. Check the spelling and avoid any alternative versions (eg. instead of

Change your password

If you’re unable to log in, try changing your password.

Press the “I’ve forgotten my password” link that appears beneaeth the login form.

Enter your email address to receive a message with a link that will allow you to choose a new password.

Please note that if you’re using our app apGolwg, the app password is different from the website password. You can reset the app password separately.

I’m still having trouble